Sika Products are designed for Structural Bonding and Sealing Below Water-line, UV exposed areas, Deck to Hull, Teak Deck bonding and caulking.


Wired4Signs has a large range of LED Profiles and LED Flexible Strips designed for under-counter and linear lighting.

Architectural Lighting

Our high performance LED Flexible Strip Light’s used in conjunction with our LED Profiles allow you to create unique linear lighting effects.

Refrigeration and Food Lighting

We have specialized LED Flexible Strip lights designed to illuminate food products with the correct spectrum of light.


Experts know that installations in Africa are not always easy and anyone who tells you differently is blissfully unaware!

Wired4Signs is always willing to assist and problem solve where possible.

Signage Manufactures

Unlike many of our lighting competitors, Wired4Signs has a wealth of experience in the actual manufacture of signage and the demands of being a corporate signage manufacturer – therefore we give the signage manufacturer the correct product for the job with the appropriate product guarantee.

The result has been that we have earned the respect of not only our customers, but also our suppliers from around the globe.